We Are All Wonder Women

“We are all Wonder Women”
I loved working on this project. The main reason behind this project was to spread body positivity.
Anyone can be anything. Anyone can cosplay any character they want to. No one is too fat, too short, too white, too black, too old, too skinny to cosplay whatever they love. Cosplay never was an accuracy contest.

Another aim behind this project was also to pay homage to Wonder Woman as her movie was finally releasing in June. I’m grateful to all these lovely ladies for being a part of this.
Cosplayers:  Shimomo Cosplay , Junkless Sam , Taani S HaleSyrinx Cosplay and Supplies , Nya nya , Sithling Cosplay .
Photographers: Saka’s SnippetsMihir Neversleeps Pathare , Rookitty .